About Call Recording

About Call Recording Services from YP

Among the many services which we offer to companies who advertise on our websites, apps and/or print publications, YP offers call recording. Most YP advertisers have the option to elect to activate call recording for calls placed to telephone numbers appearing on their YP advertising. YP advertisers interested in taking advantage of these services should contact their YP authorized sales representative to learn more.

For consumers, this means that calls placed to these advertisers may be recorded by YP on behalf of the advertiser. The advertiser may also record the call in a way that doesn’t use YP. Anyone concerned about having their calls recorded is encouraged to discuss their concerns with the business they are contacting.

If an advertiser has activated call recording services from YP, callers to numbers appearing in the business’s advertising will be notified by way of an automated verbal announcement at the beginning of the call. A caller not wishing to have his or her call recorded should end the call immediately upon hearing this announcement.

Although YP offers call recording services with the intention of allowing businesses to use recorded calls for quality assurance and to improve their customer service, the advertisers themselves maintain primary control over the use of the recordings, as well as how and when they access the recordings. Any questions or concerns about the recordings and/or how they are handled should be directed to the individual advertiser.

YP may also access recorded calls. Any such access will be in accordance with our information security and privacy policies. Unless otherwise required to be retained, call recordings are generally deleted from YP’s systems after 6 months.

More Information

Additional information regarding call recording can be found in the YP privacy policy. If you would like to request deletion of a specific call recording, please contact YP Customer Service at (800) 549-1744.